Karen Slade-Harrell working Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Karen Slade-Harrell working Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I work many fashion shows every year but my favorite by far is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  I feel electricity backstage, the atmosphere is truly amazing.  Being I am the owner of Elite Image International I get outsourced to work on various productions. I was hired through Ground Crew, my role is easy because I am an image consultant so it come nature creating style and piecing together wardrobe.  Working back stage with the Angels is really fun. We pop champagne, look at the outfits, check out the wings, the high heels and laugh. I always say “wow the things women do to look good for men”.  I worked with over 3 different Victoria’s Secret models but one of my favorites is Selita Ubanks. She is really down to earth and has such a good sense of humor.  But before the show there is so much I need to do to prepare and get ready.

I do not even look at a clock and lose my since of time. Why you may ask? On day one I am running and preparing for the press parties with the Models. This star-studded night includes A-list celebrities, musical performances and great food. The models host a meet and greet and it take hours to prepare for the night. Day two: Fittings. We have a fitting for everything a shoe fitting, bra, wings, and straps and so much more. Everything matters and this is an all day and sometime night process. If something is wrong we do not leave until it is right. Day three: Rehearsals. We have to have at least 20 mock show rehearsal one with the models next with the performers and then the models and performers. This is very hectic but fun. I hear the song for the show at least 100 times. After the fashion show I may dream the songs for nearly two weeks. Day four: Press: Yes another press night as the show draws near, press will interview models and show organizers then the after party. This is cool because the models can lay back and be themselves. Final day five: Show time. The day of the show is very serious and no room for error. By now my feet no longer has feelings, my back hurts and I feel proud of all the work that we have accomplished. We have last minute prep and review the charts. My dressers start arriving and I have to make sure they are assigned a model to dress for the night. A lot of celebrities and press are showing up and some have an opportunity to come back stage. I have to leave out a lot of details due to contractual agreements but needless to say prep time is very serious.

Showtime: The show is filmed and it moves really fast. It is over in less than 30 minutes over 100 out fits and 32 models later and the show is complete. We all celebrate pop champagne, kiss and hug each other for a job well done.

Karen Slade-Harrell with Elite Image Worldwide Brand Management

Website: http://www.eliteimagesite.com

Email: eliteimagebrand@gmail.com

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