Professional advice for aspiring models from Fashion Mogul Karen Slade Creator of Elite Image International:

Professional advice for aspiring models from Fashion Mogul Karen Slade Creator of Elite Image International:

I really enjoy working in the fashion and entertainment industry, I meet amazing people and travel a lot. I also meet many aspiring talents with questions on how they can get started in this business. I will answer the top three questions I am asked most often.

  1. Will attending modeling schools help me get started?


Attending a modeling or acting school could be helpful if you want to gain confidence and poise. However most classes are not taught by professional from the entertainment industry and a lot of what is taught is old information that will not help you get signed. If you want to get signed and paid work you will need to find a real model or acting coach and attend one of their workshops or classes. Because this business is constantly changing it would be best to choose someone who is actively in the fashion and entertainment industry not a “has been” that have worked in the business in years.


  1. What about shooting with different photographers?


Yes if the photographer is professional in a major fashion capital and you are shooting for an agency test shoot. However, many real professional photographers will not do a test shoot with an amateur model unless an agency refer you to them or if they feel you have a good look. If so the photographer will do a test shoot with you and submit you to an agency that they work closely with. Nevertheless a TFP on the other hand is mostly shot with amateur photographers that cannot usually capture what the agencies need to see. If you are a commercial or print model you can shoot with a professional commercial photographer to get photos that will make you look marketable to advertisement agencies that hire print models.


  1. Emailing pictures to agencies or clients directly for work?


Unless the agency or client request that you email your pictures to them that would not be a smart move. Your information may get spammed or trashed. If you are interested in working with an agent or client go to the company website and see if they have a submission guideline or their casting procedure.


Don’t you feel it is time to stop guessing and get real answers and a real plan?

Do you have directions to get to your goal?

Allow me and my many years of experience help you today.

All the best!

Karen Slade of Elite Image International

Brand and Image Consultant

Learn more at:

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